In the above links there is: the sub-domain hosting link, and my friends homepage and the forum.

Have a nive stay at my site and visit my friends site :)

If you want to have your page here contact me on my e-mail.


Welcome my friends, to my new (stable) homepage, i wish that you have a great time.

Again welcome to my new homepage. As you can see the design and the address has been changed too. A new forum software us available now, because I got sick from phpbb. Sooner or later there will be a blog available and we will be able to have a news page (blog). And with the coming of my domain, there will be a new sub-domain hosting available. It is free. So if anyone wants to have a page, he can have one by contacting me.

For any bugs or problems with the links or if you find any spelling problems (i write quickly) please contact me on my msn or my e-mail.

Since I'm making the page for the sub-domains feature you can see some of the features below:

You will have a maximum of 200 mb capacity and a maximum of 10 mb per file size. If this is too little for you than you can contact me.

  • 200 mb capacity upgradable to 500 mb
  • 10 mb per file size upgradable to 20 mb
  • Fast connection thanks to Dreamhost
  • Your own email have your own email (ie.:
  • PHP, MySQL, Extensions all available


New forum software! Posted by: Craziest :: 09.05.07

pic I have made a new forum and we are using SMF, i think it's more professional and I think you will like it more. Vote in the forums if you like it. I hope that you will like it cause I think it's good. I am still looking for a suitable theme. You can help by typing "SMF Themes" in Google.

In other news I am going to make a sub-domain free hosting option, so you can make your own page, if that is what you wanted. Please if you want please visit the page for information (click here) or by conacting me. Just for the info, the page isn't available, so don't send me any e-mails regarding this, ok?

Blog is available! Posted by: Craziest :: 08.05.07

My blog is finnaly complete. Visit it here. If anyone is interested in having a blog visit it is abslutely free, so it is a good thing to start with. If you need help with it check their forums or you can ask me. Please do not send me e-mails if I can make you the blog. I will not make it, only in a up-coming feature, sub-domain hosting.

New webpage is on! Posted by: Craziest :: 07.05.07

Read the welcome page above to find out more.

You can vote if you like the page in the forum. Please do not send e-mails to me asking this.

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